Richard Murdock


Executive director, Mountain-Valley EMS Agency

Richard Murdock, BS, MICP(R), has more than 30 years experience in fire/EMS leadership, EMS education, and disaster preparedness. He has been a voice advocating for and guiding the development of paramedicine as a profession and has participated in research that supports evidence-based management in the prehospital setting. He has led the Mountain-Valley EMS Agency (MVEMSA), a California EMS regulatory agency, in the role of executive director since 2011. He has been instrumental in bringing compliance and clinical oversight to the MVEMSA five member counties, which has given MVEMSA insight into the performance of every aspect of the system.

In addition, Richard is the current project manager for Stanislaus County’s Community Paramedic (CP) Pilot Study Project. He has been instrumental in implementing and designating STEMI, stroke, and trauma systems of care within the five county EMS system. He is also a board member on the EMS administrators association of California (EMSAAC), committee member on the EMSAAC legislative and disaster preparedness committee, as well as various local EMS committees.


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