Daniel Frazier


Daniel Frazier is a nationally registered paramedic who works in New Jersey as a paramedic on the street and with SWAT teams for medical support during training and active calls. When not taking care of patients, Daniel is traveling throughout New Jersey teaching and lecturing to better educate others. Before working in New Jersey, he worked in New York City within the EMS system for 14 years.

During the time in New York City he was an acting director of a hospital based EMS department within New York City, working on many projects to improve the service for the community in which it served. In addition to being a paramedic, he has been teaching EMTs and paramedics for the past 10 years, where many of the students have gone on to become doctors or other professionals in the medical field.

Mr. Frazier has articles published in Journal of Emergency Medical Services: Injury from Power Tools Nov 2008, EMS World: Keep It Down in There: Stopping the Nausea and Vomiting April 22, 2010. He also reviews for Jones and Bartlett learning.

He now lectures on communications and operations of EMS telling of previous experiences to improve the operations of others in the field.

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