Jamie Todd

BSC (Hons), MCPara PA2298

Prehospital Care Consultant with Pre-Hospital Care Consultant LLC

Jamie Todd, BSC (Hons) MCPara NAEMT PA2298, is the principal consultant with Pre-Hospital Care Consultancy Ltd in the UK and the regional course director (Europe) for the Difficult Airway Course - EMS.

Mr. Todd has almost 20 years' EMS experience working in all areas from paramedic on a police helicopter to community paramedic on rapid response units. He has taught clinical skills and theory at all levels from BLS to university degree level, specializing in new clinical equipment/clinical skills and remote area medicine skills for first responders and health professionals.

He has had numerous remote area deployments around the world over the past 10 years and has worked with all sizes of teams for sports events, media, non-governmental organizations, industrial sites, and expeditions.

Previously, he was international education manager for Ex Med UK Ltd, a remote-area medic, area manager at Staffordshire ambulance service, a flight paramedic with Dyfed/Powys Police, and a paramedic in Wales. He has also worked extensively for out-of-hours primary care services in 6 different counties as an emergency care practitioner.