EMS Cross-Checks

David Page MS, NREMT-P

Even during a cardiac arrest, EMS can afford to spend the time to ensure the right medication is administered.

Checklists have long been a foundation of safety in the airline industry, but adoption of this concept in EMS has been slow. The human factors profession has developed guidelines for proper construction of checklists, taking into account format, length, sociotechnical, and cultural factors. As the EMS culture of safety continues to evolve, the EMS Reference is committed to supporting the creation and dissemination of reference aids.

Medication Safety

Medication errors are costly and potentially dangerous. The Medication Safety Cross-Check cards help EMS providers avoid making these mistakes.

Stretcher Safety

Improper loading and unloading of stretchers can injure patienst and providers. The Stretcher Cross-Check Procedure cards can help reduce risk of injury in the field.

Risk Assessment

Every transport carries with it a certain element of risk of harm. The Risk Assessment Tool can help reduce risk of injury in the field.


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Published: January 5, 2016
Revised: September 14, 2016