About EMS Reference

The EMS Reference is an example of what can happen when a group of
EMS educators work together to build a common solution for EMS education.


In 2013, a group of educators pledged to develop a definitive reference tool for EMS students and professionals.

Since that meeting, the original group of collaborators has grown to include hundreds of EMS professionals who work together to produce a peer-reviewed site that meets increasingly high standards of academic and scientific rigor.

Today the EMS Reference is a free, comprehensive website with updated, best-available prehospital care information.

Our ISSN is 2471-2264.

What makes EMS Reference different

We offer up-to-date information that’s backed by the latest research.


Not all students are being taught the current standard for all procedures, which means they won’t answer correctly on state or national tests, and they may be asked to “unlearn” things once they get into the field.

We know educators don’t want to teach outdated information. So why is this happening? Research and updated standards and guidelines can change medical practices swiftly, but it takes time to update written educational materials.

It’s critical to stay informed and current. The EMS Reference is designed to react quickly to these changes, making it a convenient way to obtain accurate information that’s written and reviewed by leading experts in EMS.

What you’ll find here

We cite all sources and peer-review all articles.

The information contained in the EMS Reference is intended to summarize what we already know about a topic and current best practices.

We also want to look forward and include the latest scientific research that will guide the practice of paramedicine and out-of-hospital care.

Although the EMS Reference will never be complete because medicine is constantly progressing and changing, it will continue to deepen--covering the EMS scope of practice, to the depth and breadth of the National EMS Education Standards (NEMSES).

We welcome post-publication review. If you see something that you think needs further review, let us know.

Join the EMS Reference community

We cannot do this alone.

The group of trusted experts who have agreed to become involved is continually growing, but our work is never done. We need your help!

Please consider joining our growing list of contributors by becoming an author, reviewer, or subject matter editor, and help us build the kind of reference you want for your students--and our profession.

Author: Write original, referenced articles on a topic. If you’re awesome, consider writing an entire section! Editor: Responsible for taking a leadership role in contributing and examining content for a section. Reviewer: Once the content is written, reviewers will be responsible for verifying quality and accuracy.